Opera 50 Gets Cryptocurreny Mining Protection To Stop Cryptojacking

You might not look at Opera the same way you do at Chrome, and recently Firefox. But Chrome’s 22-year-old brother from another mother has maintained its presence in the market.
Opera Software has worked out a new feature that might compel many people to install the web browser on their devices. The upcoming major version of the web browser, Opera 50 will be able to prevent websites from mining Bitcoin from your computer, hogging all the resources and making the machine gasp for air.

The feature, labeled as “NoCoin (Cryptocurrency Mining Protection)” is currently a part of the beta version of Opera integrated into the ad-blocker tool.

Cryptocurrency mining protection in Opera can be enabled by visiting Settings > Basic. Under Recommended lists, look for the NoCoin check box.


In the addition to Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency mining protection feature also stop the cryptojacking of other digital currencies including Ethereum and Litcoin.

The anti-cryptocurrency mining feature could be very useful as the soaring prices of Bitcoin and other crypto coins have motivated more people to mine them using others resources. The mining, in fact, is not limited to computers and smartphones. It can also be done on a Tesla car and by using a special suit.

You can find the download links for the beta version in Opera’s blog post.